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The National Vehicle Service Register

Modernising Record KeepingBuying a used vehicle?
It's important used Vehicles we purchase have been properly maintained, serviced and looked after.

Lost Logbooks?
No problem, vehicle owners can have their Service Records stored online by choosing a Participating Workshop when getting your next Service done.

The National Vehicle Service Register let's you look up a vehicles Service History - free! To begin your search, enter the V.I.N and Registration Number at the top of this page then click "Get Report" or Show Demo Report!. If a vehicle has been into a Participating Workshop the details about Mechanical, Paint & Panel, Auto Electrical repairs and more are available online.

Organisations Using the N.V.S.R
Independent Workshops, Franchise Dealers, Insurance Companies, 3rd Party Warranty Companies, Motor Vehicle Registration Inspection Centres, Online Sellers, Vehicle Manufacturers, and more.

We also cover Motorcylces, Boats, Trucks, Buses, and more. A cars servicing history is very important to everyone because crashes caused by poor servicing costs Australia $1.3 Billion per year.

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Keep your eye on Twitter and follow us today because soon we're giving away access for 12 months to the National Vehicle Service Register for 25 Mechanical Workshops in each state of Australia with a total valued at $5,000 or $300 each! Plus, we're wiping the Account Setup Fee for all of them saving $95 each. That's a huge $24,000 worth. You need to follow us to get the link for the free access when we release details!

What the N.V.S.R can do for vehicle owners

  • Gives you peace of mind knowing your Service Records are safe,
  • You get a better resale value because you can verify servicing,
  • Maintains consistent Servicing Records across Workshops,
  • Gives you records when your logbooks have been lost,
  • Helps you if your V.I.N doesn't match what's in your logbooks.

What the N.V.S.R can do for a used vehicle buyer

  • You can see if a Speedometer has been wound back,
  • Verify the V.I.N in the logbook matches the vehicle (up to 10% don't),
  • Find out if a vehicle is currently Stolen,
  • Check that it has been properly serviced,
  • Gives you records when logbooks have been lost.

Commercial Use
Use of the N.V.S.R for commercial purposes, inclusion within other products, or web sites is restricted. If you would like to incorporate a Service History Report into your web site or product please contact us.

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Workshops - Join Us

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Software Developers

If you develop Workshop Invoicing software we would be happy for you to include support for the N.V.S.R.


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