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Getting HelpThe Report produced is compiled from information stored in our database relating to the vehicle you have identified using the V.I.N and Registration Number.

There is no way to identify a Vehicle Owner from the Report. The information is related ONLY to how the vehicle has been maintained.

For a Vehicle to be stored in our database it must have been maintained by a Participating Workshop. Only Participating Workshops are authorised to add information to the database.

Information shown includes;

Make, Model, Year, Transmission, Kilometres Traveled, etc. Also, work carried out on a vehicle, including paint and panel repairs, mechanical, licensing, etc.

 If a Vehicle has been reported as stolen you will also be alerted to it so that you can contact Police.

Things to be aware of;

If given a printed copy of this report, verify it by running the report yourself. Ensure the V.I.N and Registration Number match.

If a vehicle does not appear it does not always mean it hasn't been serviced.

Pay attention to items which are highlighted.

Always report Stolen Vehicles to Police

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