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About us and how we were born

World of CarsWe're a family owned & operated Australian business located in Perth. Our focus is providing vehicle owners with records of their servicing regime and give purchasers the ability to verify a vehicle's been appropriately serviced. A vehicle which has been well maintained is safer & will maintain its value better than one which hasn't.


How we began?

A simple idea born out of necessity, that's all it takes sometimes. After working in Used Car Yards we found loads of vehicles traded-in had no books, or any way to prove they'd been regularly serviced. A brainwave took shape and the N.V.S.R was born. We could see the potential and began to formulate a plan to take on Australia and the rest of the world. It took over 12 months to get online and to sort out how things would work and be presented, but we worked towards our goal and here we are. Now we're building the business and would like to see the N.V.S.R used in countries around the world because Australian vehicle owners aren't the only ones whom can benefit from what we provide.

We are working towards getting State Police on-board so that when a vehicle is reported stolen it will appear in our database. We are also talking with State Transport Departments to give them access which would allow clients to get information about vehicle pitting.

There is a world of possibilities out there and we want to take the bull-by-the-horns and make it great! In turn that will lead to success and success gives us the ability to help those whom are less fortunate, to help startups and businesses with concepts and ideas.

Our business model allows us to share the glory and we plan to give back to the community and offer a helping hand to those who need it.

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