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Why the N.V.S.R. is important to all of us

It's important for a number of reasons, it helps prevent Speedometers being wound back, it maintains consistency, increases the value of your vehicle when trading in or selling privately and so much more - including bringing an antiquated records keeping process into the age of the Internet (logbooks become a thing of the past).

It brings peace of mind to used vehicle purchasers because a well maintained vehicle is safer than one which hasn't been maintained and we give them the ability to weed out those vehicles.

Who is it important to

The National Vehicle Service Register should be important to everyone that owns a car, motorcycle, bus, truck, boat, or anything else that requires a service history to be used as a tool when selling. It should also be important to Australia because we have an opportunity to take the service to every country in the world.

It will be most important to anyone purchasing a used vehicle! Just as we all do a REVS check now to make sure there is no money owning on it, we will do a NVSR check to make sure it's been serviced and maintained.

How Service Records used to be kept

Previously after your vehicle was serviced logbooks would be stamped by your mechanical workshop or dealer. An unreliable method which doesn't give you the full story! It might tell you a vehicle was serviced and the date, but logbooks get lost and a rubber stamp doesn't identify what work was done or what parts might have been replaced or repaired. Some workshops were very good at writing down components used and making notes or advisories in your logbook, however, most aren't. A number of workshops didn't stamp the logbook at all, they would simply put a sticker on the inside of your windscreen telling you when it was next due.

Logbooks are sometimes purchased at Motor Wreckers when originals are lost, and therefore the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) doesn't match. When someone buys that vehicle the error might not be noticed for years.

Some larger dealers & franchised service centres have networked systems that record details about servicing, parts used, and other useful information which allows for a certain level of consistency. However, you need to ensure you always use the same dealer or franchise to maintain that consistency. Also information is only available to the vehicle owner, which doesn't help you if you're purchasing a used car.

Why are service records important

We all keep records for rent, mortgage, insurance premiums, and other payments we make. If you don't keep those records, someone is keeping them for you - you're bank, landlord, insurance company, etc. Motor vehicles, buses, motorcycles, truck, etc. are no different and proper records must be kept.

Many people believe that simply changing oil regularly is enough, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Oil protects the inside of your engine but does nothing for the hundreds of other important components that make up a car. Brakes, ball joints, control arms, prop shafts, steering components, suspension, electrical system, gearboxes, differentials, exhaust systems, timing belts, valves, fuel injection, and so many other parts work together to keep your vehicle on the road and in one piece. A small failure can quickly lead to disaster, a chain reaction! It's vital that these components be maintained and you must keep proper records. Not only for your own peace of mind but to maintain the value of your vehicle when you eventually sell it.

Trading-in or Selling your Vehicle

At some point you'll sell your vehicle, either as a trade-in at a dealer or privately. Without proper servicing records you'll lose more money than you need to, and we say this after having first-hand experience in this area. Working for a number of dealers in the past we can assure you that vehicles with an unknown service history are a gamble for the dealer and it will affect their value accordingly. Whereas, vehicles with good and verifiable service histories fetch more. Even with a good service history it's important dealers and other buyers know when major items, such as timing belts, were serviced and old style record keeping doesn't give you that vital information.

The NVSR is important

The National Vehicle Service Register is important because, over time, these important records will be stored online and available to anyone that needs them. Utilising a Participating Workshop ensures that records are consistent and reliable as well as detailed. Every part used, every item on your invoice is stored and an extensive record of the vehicles past including Auto Electrical, Paint & Panel, and Mechanical is compiled. Even your past records will be available as workshops participate because their invoicing software will upload all records they have for your vehicle the first time you use them.

Winding Back Speedometers

Have you heard that some people (dealers included) have been known to wind the speedometer backwards when the kilometres are high. Using the N.V.S.R helps you detect such criminal acts by showing the kilometres traveled each time a car visits a participating workshop. That is a very good reason to get a Service History Report (which is free by the way) before you purchase a used vehicle.

What about Historical Data

"What about my service records before the NVSR was available?". We've been asked this question many times and the answer is simple; Developers of Workshop Management Software are required to upload all historical data for a Workshop once that Workshop joins the NVSR. So, data previously recorded will filter into the NVSR quite quickly. If you've used a dozen different Workshops for your servicing and they all join the NVSR then all your previous data will be online.

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