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Why do we insure our vehicles? The simple answer is to provide us with a back-up plan just in case something goes wrong and we're involved in an accident. But consider this; if you're involved in an accident indirectly or directly caused as a result of your vehicle not being properly maintained are you still entitled to that payout?

In our opinion you're entitled nothing! By driving your vehicle you have exposed your insurance company to an unnecessary risk and your claim should be denied.

What about third party warranty companies!

Warranties are often sold to used car buyers when a vehicle is purchased from car yards and it is a condition of that warranty that the vehicle be properly maintained to ensure continued coverage. Servicing must be done at intervals specified within the warranty terms and condition or your coverage is void. The recording and reporting of regular servicing is currently wide-open to fraudulent activity! All that's required to conform is the stamping of a “Service Chit” which is sent to the warranty company. In some cases these “Service Chits” are filled out and stamped after a warrantable component fails and then sent to the warranty company prior to repair.

Use of the NVSR would prevent this fraudulent behaviour. The date work was carried out is recorded on the day and once written to the database it cannot be modified.

Insurance Premiums are expensive as are third party Warranties. These premiums rise when fraudulent claims are made because the costs of such claims are passed on to consumers – that's you. If this fraudulent activity was detected then premiums may not rise as quickly, or as often, as they do now.

What are we doing to help?

The National Vehicle Service Register developers are building administration tools which will be available exclusively to Insurance and third party Warranty Companies. We give them the ability to declare an interest in a vehicle and will then provide them with appropriate data when those vehicles are taken to a Participating Workshop (Mechanical, Auto Electrical, Paint & Panel, etc.) With access to these tools companies will be able to monitor a vehicles history which may be used to determine if a payout is legitimate or not. Such companies will realise significant savings over a period of just a few years and as a result premiums for the rest of us may come down. In an ideal world it could be a condition of coverage that your vehicles be serviced at a Participating Workshop – that would be very good for the National Vehicle Service Register.

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