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Below are articles we've written on various topics. Some of them on topic whilst others may just be our thoughts on a particular subject. Either way we hope you learn something or at least find some useful information.

Mandurah Boat Show and why I wont buy a Sunseeker Yacht - Published 14 October 2014

I visited the supurb Mandurah Boat Show to view two boats and one of them was off limits to the public. Pretty poor effort from Sunseeker and I don't know why you bothered showing up.

PODS vs. Shaft Drives in larger boats - Published 30 July 2013

Shaft drives have been around in larger boats for a long time but in the last decade there have been some advances in the field of propulsion. PODS seem to be a leap forward..

Jabiru Pistons are installed backwards - Published 5 June 2013

Offset Pistons are a great idea but only if you install them facing the right direction otherwise you reduce engine life as well as create unnecessary noise, rattles, and clunks.

Tips for buying cars at a Used Car Yard

Written by an experienced Used Car Salesman to help you buy a reliable used vehicle.

Fuel Injectors are often neglected

Neglecting Fuel Injectors costs you money through poor performance and economy.

The N.V.S.R is important

Information on why the National Vehicle Service Register is important to all motorists.

Using cheap oil destroys engines

You think you're saving a few bucks but in the long run you'll be sorry.

Historical data from previous servicing

How do we get data for servicing performed prior to our existence.

Nissan & Benz V8 Super Cars

Will Australians embarrass themselves when homegrown cars lose the championship.

Insurance and Third Party Warranty Companies

How the National Vehicle Service Register can help Insurance companies and businesses provide Used Car Warranties or Extended New Car Warranties.

80 Series Toyota Landcruiser oil turns to sludge

Arguable the best Landcruiser on the road with an enormous following around the world but the 4.5L Petrol vehicles have an inherent design floor that causes their engines to fail.

Who knew that Ford would close Aussie manufacturing plants long before it happened

I have have theory that someone knew Ford would be shutting down long before it happened and as a result opened up the field for the V8 Supercars Competition to vehicles other than Ford and Holden.

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