Report for Vehicle V.I.N SARRJXLFF4D30xxxx


M.G. ZT 220S Upgrade -

2005 Black - 5 Speed Manual

Petrol - 2.5L Supercharged

91,665 Kilometres


Registration Expiry: 16 June 2013


26JAN2012 91,665 Replace Timing Belts & Tensioner
Replace Spark Plugs - Platinum
Replace Thermostat
Refill Coolant with recommended fluid
Replace FR & FL Tyres
A Participating Workshop
13JAN2012 88,176 Remove Super Charger
Supply and Fit Coupling
Refit Super Charger
Drain Oil, Replace Oil Filter & Refill Oil
General Inspection
Another Workshop
16SEP2008 61,240 Drain Oil, Replace Oil Filter, Refill Oil
Mechanical Inspection
Yet Another Workshop
21AUG2008 59,254 Drain Oil, Replace Oil Filter, Refill Oil
Full Mechanical Inspection
Replace Supercharger and Drive Belt (Sprintex)
A Participating Workshop
27NOV2008 47,436 Vehicle Registration Changed from NSW to WA N/A
26NOV2006 47,401 Vehicle Pitted at Warrick Inspection Station
Vehicle Passed with minor advisory - RHF Tyre
16JUN2006 21,290 Drain Oil, Replace Oil Filter, Refill Oil
Service to Manufacturer Log Book Specifications
Independent Workshop
05JAN2006 5,261 Drain Oil, Replace Oil Filter, Refill Oil
Full Safety Inspection
Drain and Replace Brake Fluid
Drain and Replace Coolant
Anti Corrosion Inspection
Local Workshop


Demonstration Report

The report you see here is a sample of what's produced by the N.V.S.R.

In addition to showing a Service History the report also shows that the Vehicle was relocated from New South Wales to Western Australia as well as the results of the Registration Pitting process. If a Vehicles Registration has been cancelled or suspended that information would appear in red. Once a Vehicle has been re-registered the unregistered information is not shown.

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