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Our Terms & Conditions


"Developer or Developers"means an individual or commercial entity producing and distributing software for the purpose of Workshop Management. It does not refer to resellers of such products.


"National Vehicle Service Register" will also be referred to as N.V.S.R. or NVSR.


“Software” will mean your application, software suite, package, or whatever you would like to call your program as it is distributed to your current and new clients / users.


"Workshop" could mean any form of Workshop such as Mechanical, Panel & Paint, Auto Electricians, Marine, Aircraft, Motorcycle, etc.


"Participating Workshop" means a Workshop which has signed for services provided by the NVSR.


"Developer Documentation" means documents provided by the NVSR outlining details of database structure,r equired feilds and methodology employed to create or update details which constitute a record.


"Transation" is the completion of 1 record as definded within the Developer Documentation.


By signing up to be as a N.V.S.R Participating Developer you attest that you are the Developer of the “Software”. Furthermore you agree to implement N.V.S.R access within your “Software” in accordance with the conditions as set out in this document and the "Developer Documentation". You must download and read the “Developer Documentation” and agree that Transactions take place in the background and do not interfere with the day to day operation of the “Workshop” with the exception of any mandatory information required by the N.V.S.R which may not currently be recorded, such as V.I.N, Registration Number, Speedometer, etc


You also agree that, in accordance with the "Developer Documentation", you will store appropriate information locally and process failed Transactions in a timely manner.

Developer Payment Scheme

The Developer will be entitled to payment only when the customer or customers using the "Developers Software” are "Participating Workshops" using the N.V.S.R (Developer Id is written to the database with each Transaction – see Developer Documentation for details). There is a clear distinction between "customers using their Software" and "customers signing up with Developer Reference". The first is simply a Developers Client using the N.V.S.R and the appropriate Developer Id is written to the Database with each record. The second refers to a "Workshop signing up using the Developer Id as a Reference (effectively a Developer Recommendation). See "Developer Documentation" for an example of passing Developer References.


The royalty payable by the N.V.S.R will be based on a sliding scale as outlined below;



1.5 Cents / Transaction

2.5 Cents / Transaction

4.5 Cents / Transaction




For each record written using your “Software” where the “Workshop” has signed up and not used your Developer Id as a Reference.

For each record written using your “Software” where the “Workshop” has signed up and used your Developer Id as a Reference.



For each record written using your “Software” where the “Workshop” has signed up and not used your Developer Id as a Reference.

For each record written using your “Software” where the “Workshop” has signed up and used your Developer Id as a Reference.



To simplify the Payment Scheme;

Developers that implement support after the 1st of January 2014 are paid the lower end of the scale. If a Workshop signs up to participate and uses your Developer Id as a Reference you are paid at the top end of the scale. Ideally to receive the full 4.5 cents per Transaction you need to 1) Provide support prior to 31-12-2014, 2) Recommend your clients signup using your Developer Id. The Developer Id can be passed in a URL if required – see Developer Documentation for example URL.


It is not required that Workshops sign up using a Developer Id. All transactions written to the NVSR database attract a payment for the Developer of the software used to write that record.

Developer Payments

Payments for Developers will be calculated on the last day of each month and a statement sent to the Developers nominated E-mail Address. The amount owing will be deposited into the nominated Bank Account on the 5th of the following month or the next normal business day. Any dispute as to the amount owning should be addressed before any monies are paid. Once monies have been paid the Developer accepts the amount as full payment for the previous months Transactions. If the amount owed is disputed prior to payment the payment will not be made until the dispute has been resolved.


It is the intent of this document to set out an agreement between the National Vehicle Service Register and the Developer. The agreement, in its simplest form, is that we (N.V.S.R) will pay them (the Developer) a royalty each time a Transaction is written to the Database with their Developer Id. The N.V.S.R will keep accurate and proper records of Transactions and Payments and will provide the Developer a mechanism by which they can perform a lookup to verify that our records are accurate.


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