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Driving safeThe National Vehicle Service Register is an Australian product and currently unique! As far as we know a similar service is not available anywhere in the world.

We're family owned and operated working out of Perth.

The N.V.S.R delivers peace of mind to both vehicle owners and potential buyers by ensuring that Service Records are always available.

The N.V.S.R is also available for other forms of transport such as Motorcycles, Trucks, Boats, etc. Consumers can get access to a Vehicles past quickly and free of charge.

Press Releases and Interviews

We welcome contact from the Press . If you would like to receive copies of our Press releases or arrange an interview please send E-mail to our Software Developer Team

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27 November 2012 - Launching (PDF Format)

15 May 2013 - Excited about feedback from potential customers (PDF Format)

You can also call our Technology Manager directly on 0401 396 799.

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Formally known as R.E.V.S Check you can determine if money is owing on a Vehicle before purchasing.

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If you develop Workshop Invoicing software we would be happy for you to include support for the N.V.S.R.


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