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Becoming a participating workshop allows you to be more competitive by adding a Service that your competitors might not have, which allows you to attract new clients.

It's in your clients best interest to take advantage of the National Vehicle Service Register because when time to sell or trade-in a potential buyer can verify it's has been maintained and that makes it more valuable. Their Service Records will be consistant, regardless of which Participating Workshop they use but more importantly, they can produce an online Service History Report free of charge at any time.

For a complete list of N.V.S.R charges and an example of how participation works for you click here.

If you are ready to become a Participating Workshop and your Invoicing Software supports the N.V.S.R then visit our Workshop Sign Up page. If your software doesn't support the N.V.S.R yet, give them a call and ask they include support. Direct them to our web site so they can see how the N.V.S.R benefits them.

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Formally known as R.E.V.S Check you can determine if money is owing on a Vehicle before purchasing.

Software Developers

If you develop Workshop Invoicing software we would be happy for you to include support for the N.V.S.R.


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