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Fees & charges are calculated on a sliding scale based on how large your workshop is. A workshop with one or two mechanics pays just $25.00 per month whereas workshops with six or more pay $51.00. Each time you send an update to us on behalf of your customer a "Transaction" fee of $0.90 applies, for which you charge your client up to $4.95. If the invoice you create has a value of more than $1,000 you can choose to charge 1% of the invoice amount.

As a business, you're entitled to recover costs and by passing the "Transaction" fee on you are making a few extra dollars. In fact, you are making $4.05 each time you complete a job. Ultimately, use of the N.V.S.R will be profitable for you.

Workshop Example

A workshop with one mechanic doing three services per day (five days per week or 20 days per month) performs 60 "Transactions". Your transaction fees would be $54 for that month whereas you'll earn $297. If you have four mechanics each completing three jobs per day your "Transaction" fees would be $240 but you earn $1,188. The N.V.S.R will always be profitable for you. If you write a lot of invoices over $1,000 then your income would be higher.

Schedule of Fees:
Mechanics on Staff
1 - 2
Once Off Setup Fee
* $95.00
* $95.00
* $95.00
Monthly Access Fee
Transaction Fee

Note: The once off setup fee will rise to $195 in November 2013

Introductory Offer

The Setup Fee, as an introductory offer will be $95 but will increase to $195 in November 2013. Sign up before November 2013 to save yourself $100.


Access fees are billed and payable monthly in advance. That means each payment is for the following months access. Transaction fees are paid in arrears. Payments can are made by Direct Deposit. We are looking into BPay as a payment option.

Before using the N.V.S.R you should verify your existing Invoicing Software supports N.V.S.R access. If you're not sure, call your Software Help Desk and ask them. If they don't support N.V.S.R ask them why and consider changing software providers or ask your existing provider to build in support.

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Software Developers

If you develop Workshop Invoicing software we would be happy for you to include support for the N.V.S.R.


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