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1. Definitions

“N.V.S.R” means National Vehicle Service Register.

"Business Day" means Monday through to Friday, excluding public holidays in Australia.

“Monthly Access” means ability to send data to the N.V.S.R from the first day of the month until the last day of the month.

“Transaction” means the sending of data relating to a single vehicle at the time you create your customers invoice.

"Products" means Monthly Access and Transactions.

“Monthly Access Fee” means a fee payable by you for one “Months Access” to the N.V.S.R.

“Transaction Fees” means a fee payable by you per “Transaction”.

"You" means the purchaser of the Product, as identified by your Workshop Id as provided by the N.V.S.R allowing you to login for the purpose of sending data.

“Vehicle” means Car, Bus, Truck, Motorcycle, or any form of transport and may be referred to as “Motor Vehicle”

“Workshop” means a single workshop as identified by your Workshop Name at the time you sign up. If you own or manage more than one workshop each one must have its own Workshop Id and you cannot share your Workshop Id between workshops.

“Workshop Id” is a single identifier used by the N.V.S.R for administration purposes and will be quoted on all invoices to you from the N.V.S.R.

“Data” in this context means information relating to a service or work carried out on a vehicle.

“Mechanics” refers to all tradesman or trades-women in your employ within the Workshop which is the Participating Workshop. These trades people could be painters, mechanics, auto electricians, and more. It does not refer to non-trades people within your employ.

2. Product Prices

Product prices are given inclusive of GST.

3. Becoming a Participating Workshop

All requests to become a Participating Workshop are subject to acceptance by the N.V.S.R, as evidenced by the receipt of your first Invoice.

The N.V.S.R will make all reasonable efforts to process your request for participation within three Business Day of receiving Your request. Request placed on the weekend or on a public holiday will not begin processing until the next Business Day.

4. Delivery of Service

The N.V.S.R will do its best to ensure that servers are online and available at all times, however, servers may be unavailable from time to time due to regular maintenance or other unforeseeable circumstance such as Internet issues.

The N.V.S.R is not responsible for the mechanisms within your local invoicing software to access the N.V.S.R. That is the responsibility of your software developer / vendor.

5. Privacy

Your personal or business information provided to the N.V.S.R for the purpose of administration will not be shared with any third party under any circumstances.

No personal information relating your customer is sent or stored by the N.V.S.R when data is transferred. A vehicle owner cannot be identified by the information stored.

6. Fees

There are two fees payable when granted access to the N.V.S.R, they are;

Monthly Access Fee of $25.00, $39.00 or $51.00 per month depending on how many Mechanics you have on staff within that Workshop – a fee entitling you access for the purpose of sending data to the N.V.S.R.

Transaction Fee of $0.90 per Transaction. A transaction is a single service record for a single vehicle. A single service record is all the details of that service and work carried out on that vehicle.

7. Payment

Payment must be made in full for the amount shown on our invoice within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. All payments must be made via Direct Deposit into the account specified on the invoice. Failure to pay an invoice will result in cancellation of your access.

Monthly Access Fees are payable in advance and are for the following month. An invoice for the following months access will be sent by the N.V.S.R on or around the 15th of each month and is payable before the 1st of the following month.

Transaction Fees are payable in arrears and will be include in your Monthly Access invoice and must be paid at the time of the Monthly Access Fee.

The first invoice we send to you will include a once of account set-up fee of $95 which is payable prior to the N.V.S.R issuing a user-name and password.

8. Cancellations, Returns and Refunds

The N.V.S.R does not work on long or short term contracts and you may cancel your access at any time by contacting us in writing.

After cancellation of your participation you must not advertise your participation in the N.V.S.R nor can you inform your customers that you are a participating workshop.

9. Customer Service Support

If You have any queries regarding your Participation in the N.V.S.R you can contact us via our web site located at

10. General

These N.V.S.R Workshop Terms and Conditions, and any disputes arising in connection with them, are governed by the laws of Australia.

The N.V.S.R will not be liable for any performance delays or for non-performance of any obligation under these terms and conditions due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including forces of nature, industrial action and action or inaction by a Government Agency.

You must not assign any of your rights or obligations under these N.V.S.R Workshop Terms and Conditions without the prior written consent of the N.V.S.R.

Provisions of these N.V.S.R Workshop Store Terms and Conditions which by their nature extend beyond the conclusion or termination of any sale will remain in effect until fulfilled.

Your purchase of the Products will constitute your acceptance of these N.V.S.R Workshop Terms and Conditions. The N.V.S.R Workshop Terms and Conditions are effective as at the date specified above and may be amended by the N.V.S.R from time to time. Amendments to these N.V.S.R Workshop Terms and Conditions will be published on the N.V.S.R (

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